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Foreigner's Clinic
Working hours & Location
| Working hours |
10:00AM ~ 06:30PM (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)
10:00AM ~ 02:00PM (Saturday/ No Lunch Time)
Not working on every Thursday, Sundays.
| Lunch hours |
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm (Monday to Friday except Thursday)
| Location |
Subway No.4 Line Indeogwon Station Exit 5
(Industrial Bank of Korea-IBK- Building 3rd Floor)
# 301, HeungAn Daero 533, DongAn-Gu, Anyang, GyeongGiDo
| Driving to the clinic |
From Gwachon to Suwon direction, there is Indeogwon crossroad. On the right side of the corner, you can see IBK (Industrial Bank of Korea) on the first floor. The car lift is behind the building. In order to park your car, you make a right turn looking cafe Pura Vida on your right side. Going straight about for 30meters, there comes a road looking like pavement in the right, you come up into that pavement, and there is a car lift on the right.
SyYun Lee M.D.
Phone : 031-424-1363
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대표 전화번호 : 031-424-1363
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